Aquafresh 50 litre per hour

Product Code: Aquafresh 50 litre per hour
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1. Skid Made From ss Skelled

2. One per filter with car bon Block in 20 housing.

3. One per filter in 20 housing 5 micron rating.

4. One per filter in 20 housing 10 micron rating.

5. Two Ro pump DENG YUAN PSI 250 GPD, 220 V 50 HZ.

6. Two Adapter 48 Volt

7. Four membrance housing.

8. Four membrance tap water element make FILMTTEC-TW30-1812-75 GDP. Made in USA.

9. One low pressure switch.

10. Imported pipeline USA

11. One fitting Imported(USA).

12. Two SV Switch.

Price : 30,000/-


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